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UCSC eBill/ePay:

UCSC eBill/ePay - Student Payer Information

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UCSC accepts e-Checks. Payments can also be made in cash, checks, Western Union or Moneygram. Please make checks payable to "UC Regents."

Payments may be made in person at the Cashier's Office, 102 Hahn Student Services, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM. The office is closed between noon and 1 pm for lunch. See Cashier link for specific dates that the office is open during the lunch hour. There is a 24-hour depository, located outside the north entrance of the building. Deposits after 3:00 PM will not be posted until the next day. Please be sure to put your student account id number on the check for proper posting.

Send payments to :

SANTA CRUZ, CA 95064-1077

Use of personal banking "online bill payment" services may delay payment of your account and may result in late fees or enrollment consequences.

At this time we do not accept credit cards for payment of your university bill. Do not send cash through the mail.

UCSC eBill/ePay

Monthly Statements and Charges Due:

Student Business Services can now provide students with direct, easy, and quick access to their billing information. Our partnership also provides a direct and easy way to make your payment. No more processing delays - payments through UCSC eBill/ePay are posted to your student account within one business day. No more checks lost in the mail - electronic payments are safe and convienent.


Statements are posted to UCSC eBill/ePay and MyUCSC at the end of each month, and payment is due in full upon receipt of statement. Paper statements are no longer mailed. Check your MyUCSC often for messages and new charges. University charges are considered delinquent after the due date at the top of each statement. Be sure to read your statement carefully for the current due date or visit our Billing Page for a listing of upcoming dates. When making payments, include the student identification number on your check to assure proper credit. You must print the payment coupon from UCSC eBill/ePay and include with your check payment. Payments received after the due date may be subject to late fees. Unpaid, past due balances may prevent enrollment and receiving transcripts.

If you've missed a payment and have a hold on your account, you can find more information here.