Alternate Payment Information

Western Union

The UCSC Cashier's Office accepts payment via Western Union Quickpay. 1-800-634-3422

Parents/students can go to any office and request a "quick pay form." Please provide the Student ID Number and the "Company Name" as UC Santa Cruz and the "Locale/City Code" as UCSANTACRUZ CA.

The funds will be electronically deposited to UCSC's bank account by Western Union. Western Union will then forward notification of the payment to UCSC. Payment is posted to the student's account as soon as notification is received.


Moneygram payments are another option for students or parents. Moneygram locations can often be found in locations like Safeway or CVS. Check the website for further details. Please include the Student ID Number with the following information:

  • 4-digit Receive Code: 3862

  • Business Name: University of California, Santa Cruz