TDPP Application

The Tuition Deferred Payment Plan (TDPP) provides students the option of making monthly payments toward their registration fees. The student may apply for either a 3-month ($25.00, single quarter) or 9-month ($60.00, 3-quarter, available in the Fall only) plan. The non-refundable application fee is billed to the student's account upon receipt of the TDPP application. The 3-month plan is available at the beginning of each quarter and divides quarterly registration fees into 3 equal payments. The 9-month plan is available only in Fall quarter and will be applied to the student account as long as the account is in good standing and the TDPP installments are paid in full each quarter. Delinquent accounts may be removed from the TDPP. Late fees are assessed on delinquent payments. The first late fee is $50.00, subsequent late fees are $15.00. Delinquent TDPP payments may result in enrollment holds. Students applying after the registration late fee date and assessment of the $50.00 registration fee must apply in person at Student Business Services (203 Hahn Bldg). If the application is sent in after the initial billing statement for the quarter, please divide the full amount of the tuition charges into thirds. The student may also check MyUCSC for account updates between the billing cycles. The Tuition Deferred Payment Plan does not include the quarterly health insurance fee. There are separate payment plans for housing and meal plans available through the housing office. (831-459-2394)


Students who receive financial aid funding sufficient to cover registration fees are not eligible for the plan. You may not qualify for the Tuition Deferred Payment Plan depending on the amount of Financial Aid you are eligible for. Student Business Services will approve your application on a case by case basis. If you are using TDPP to pay your registration fees until your financial aid arrives, you will be responsible for making payments by the posted due dates. The TDPP application fee will not be refunded once your financial aid arrives.