FAQ - Account Holds

I am trying to get a copy of my official transcript from the University but my student account has a transcript hold on it. What do I do if I have a transcript hold on my student account?

Please send an e-mail to oarinfo@ucsc.edu requesting the information regarding the hold, or call (831) 459-2107 for assistance.

I received an e-mail from Student Business Services that says there is an address hold on my account. How do I update the address information on my student account?

You can update your address on your Student Portal under My Student Center >> Personal Information >> Billing Address. Please update your address information this way anytime you change your address.

I am told I need to complete exit loan counseling in order to get a transcript hold removed from my account. Who do I talk to about exit loan counseling?

Sheryl Hoffman 831-459-4699 or hoffmans@ucsc.edu. You can also complete Exit Counseling on-line.