Fall Quarter Updates

Student Business Services

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Fall instruction will continue to be conducted on a mostly remote basis. Student Business Services will still be practicing social distancing until further notice by keeping our offices closed to the public. We are still available via email at sbs@ucsc.edu and phone at 831-459-2107.

Please monitor our SBS Announcements and UCSC COVID-19 webpages for further updates.


Financial Aid

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office continues to support students with any financial aid related questions. Due to the high-volume of changes and questions any financial aid adjustments may not immediately reflect on the student account. See Financial Aids update page related to current changes.



CHES AVC Sue Matthews announced further housing restrictions for the Fall quarter as a result of the August wildfires. More information about the new circumstances can be found on the “UCSC Housing Application – Action Required by 9/1” email.



All tuition and campus-based fees (excluding housing and dining) will remain unchanged for students enrolled during Fall quarter. Tuition and fees are crucial to supporting UC Santa Cruz staff & faculty that continue to support students remotely as well as infrastructure, financial aid and student initiatives.

Course fees are currently being examined on a course by course basis to determine which are still appropriate. Any course fee credits will be placed on the student account. Credits will refund once there are no other outstanding charges. If you have questions about course fees, please contact the department offering the course.

Miscellaneous fees are fees for services, and are only charged when the service is used. Units will post credits to students accounts based on whether the service was available and utilized.

The easiest way to pay any outstanding charges is online via our UCSC eBill/ePay site. More Information can be found here:



Refunds and Mailing Addresses:

If students are to receive a refund, the fastest and safest method is via Direct Deposit. To learn how to sign up for Direct Deposit please visit:


If you are not signed up for direct deposit, then a check will be mailed to the mailing address listed on your MyUCSC portalIf you haven't updated your address, you may experience a delay in receiving your funds. To learn how to update your address please visit:



Perkins, Dream, & University Loan Repayment:

If you are currently in repayment for a Perkins, Dream, or University Loan you may have un-used entitlements that can help you with loan repayments like Deferment or Forbearance options. For more information please see the FAQ section on our website or email tila_mpn@ucsc.edu.