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UC Santa Cruz offers many loans, including UC University Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, William D. Ford Direct Loans, Dream Loans, and Noyce Scholarship Loans. All loans are awarded by the UCSC Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships as a part of a student's financial aid package. If your financial aid package includes a loan, you will need to go to MyUCSC to view your official award letter from the UCSC Financial Aid and Scholarship Office and accept the loan. You will also find a loan promissory note, information on required loan entrance interviews, and other processing information on your “To Do” list.

Applications for all loans must be filed at the UCSC Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship. Contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office for up to date information on all loan requirements.

All direct loan inquiries must go through the Direct Loans website.

For Perkins, Dream, and University Loan inquiries please contact ECSI directly, call Student Business Services at 831-459-2278, or email


If you are accepting a Perkins or University Loan from Financial Aid, it will not be part of your Direct Loan package. Perkins, Dream, and University Loans belong to UCSC and are serviced separately by ECSI.

Direct Loans are repaid to the Direct Loan Servicer (Nelnet, Navient, Great Lakes, or Fed Loans), and Perkins, Dream, Noyce, and University Loans are repaid to ECSI.


If you are in repayment, your Perkins, Dream, Noyce, University, and GTSRS loans are handled through the Student Business Services office and ECSI.

Direct Loans are repaid separately to the Direct Loan Servicer (Nelnet, Navient, Great Lakes, or Fed Loans).

Note: If you have a Perkins loan, then you likely also have a Direct Loan. This means that you have two kinds of loans, and pay two separate companies. If you desire to only pay one company, you can consolidate at:

Upon separation from (including graduation, less than half-time enrollment, leave of absence, and withdrawals), please complete your Exit Counseling. Completion of Exit Counseling does not affect your separation date. Rather, Exit Counseling is required of the borrower so that they are informed of both their responsibilities and their rights. Exit counseling explains such things as the Grace period, deferment, and forbearance entitlements. 

Your To Do list on MyUCSC should have items that direct you to the appropriate Exit Counseling. If for some reason it is missing, borrowers will want to complete Exit Counseling for Perkins, Dream, and University Loans at the Heartland ECSI Borrower Services website, This is also where you will update your address, make payments, and review your loan status. 

For Direct Loan borrowers, Exit Counseling needs to be completed at If a Direct Loan borrower does not wish to complete the Direct Loan Exit Counseling on, you may also print the Exit Counseling PDF and mail the "Student Contact Information" portion at the end of the document to: 


UC Santa Cruz
Student Business Services, Attn: Loans
1156 High St.
Santa Cruz, CA, 95064


If you are unsure of what kind of loans you have, you can review your account at (the Student Center section or My Account $), or email Please be sure to review your Financial Aid from every year that you attended.


What if I can’t pay?

Please note that all the above loans have Deferment and Forbearance options. This means that you can “press the pause button” on your loan repayment. Examples would be if you are unemployed, back in school, or earning a low income. You must submit a form (and in some cases a pay stub) in order for a deferment to be placed.

To put loans in forbearance, all you need to do is call or email The Loan – Financial Specialist: E-mail: or you can call SBS’s main number at 831-459-2278.


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