eBill – Understaning the Amount Due

  • Any charge over $5.00 on a student account will accrue a late fee of $17.50 each billing cycle until it is paid.
  • Billing due dates cannot be extended.
  • Miscellaneous charges such as printing, health center, pharmacy or library fees can be posted to a student account at any time during the month.
  • Each department is responsible for the charges they post to the student account and when they post them and there may be a delay in posting these to a student account
  • Students must contact the department that posted the charge directly to discuss the validity of the charge, and to get any charge reduced, waived or reversed.
  • Administrative late fees of $17.50 can be contested by completing the online Late Fee Contest Form. If the Late Fee Contest is approved a single late fee may be reversed as a one-time courtesy.
  • Check account activity on MyUCSC regularly, as the amount currently due can change from the amount listed on the monthly statement.  The balance found on Charges Due will be sent to the UCSC eBill/ePay site on a daily basis (once per day).
  • Students should continue to monitor MyUCSC over breaks and for up to 6 months after graduation or separation from the university.
  • Any payment made to your account will automatically be applied to the oldest charge on the account which can leave another charge partially or completely unpaid. That then accrues a late fee on the next billing cycle.
  • Each month there is a balance due students receive a message on MyUCSC alerting them that a new invoice is ready to be viewed and paid. 

For more detailed information billing click here: Billing