SBS occasionally must place service holds on student accounts. Below you will find explanations describing our most often used holds. Please check your Student Center often for any account holds you may have.


Credit History Hold - Credit history holds are placed on accounts with past due charges. All past due charges must be paid in order to release this hold. This hold prevents enrollment.


Address Holds - Address holds are placed on accounts that do not have active addresses on them. These holds are placed on both student and non-student accounts. Once you update your active address on your account please notify Student Business Services so that the hold can be removed. This hold prevents enrollment.


Enrollment Holds - Enrollment holds are placed on accounts by several different offices. This hold can be placed for various reasons including failure to pay registration fees, lack of important information on your account, and incorrect residency information. This hold prevents enrollment. 


Diploma holds

Students who have applied for graduation will have a diploma hold placed if they owe more than $25 on their UCSC account.  Holds are placed/released nightly based on account balance & account/payment activity during the day.


For more information on the different types of enrollment holds, including holds from other campus offices, please visit the University's enrollment hold page.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding holds:

Email: sbs@ucsc.edu
Phone: (831) 459-2107