TDPP Application Via MyUCSC

The Tuition Deferred Payment Plan (TDPP) allows students to pay for their Registration fees (Tuition/Non-Resident Tuition (if applicable)/Student Services Fee and Campus Fees) for the term in monthly installments during the term instead of having to pay them all at once.

Undergraduate Students may apply via MyUCSC (Sign up at MyUCSC > Undergraduate Student eForms > Apply for Tuition Deferred Payment Plan)

Graduate Students may apply via MyUCSC (Sign up at MyUCSC > Graduate Student eForms > Apply for tuition Deferred Payment Plan)

Students need to sign up for each/any term separately.  


  • The Tuition Deferred Payment Plan does not include the quarterly health insurance fee for Undergraduate Students.
  • There are separate payment plans for housing and meal plans available through the Housing Office

Enrolled students:  Your account and your eBill

  • Students on the plan are responsible for checking their account at MyUCSC > My Account $.  Use Charges Due to review all charges due on the account by due date.  Use Account Activity to see real-time activity on your account.
  • Once a student’s application is submitted successfully, the plan changes will be processed automatically overnight.  This could take 1 to 2 days to show on the account depending on the timing of the submission.
  • If the application was submitted and processed before we(SBS) generate the first eBill for the term, the TDPP plan will be correctly accounted for on that first bill.  Any changes to the student account after that eBill is generated will show real-time in MyUCSC but will only be reflected in eBills created subsequently.

Late Payments:

Delinquent accounts are subject to being removed from the TDPP. Delinquent TDPP payments may also result in enrollment holds.  Repeated problems with non-payment of the payment plan may result in the student no longer being eligible for the TDPP.


Undergraduate Students may not qualify for the Tuition Deferred Payment Plan for the term depending on the amount of Financial Aid they are to receive for that term. Undergraduate Students who receive financial aid funding for the term sufficient to cover registration fees for the term are not eligible for the plan. 

The TDPP enrollment form will determine eligibility automatically.  If the student is not eligible, they will not be able to submit the application.

If you are using TDPP to pay your registration fees until your financial aid arrives, you will be responsible for making payments by the posted due dates. 

 For Graduate students:  If you have a ‘Fee Only’ type of aid (Fee Fellowships for example), these will push out the TDPP when they post to your account.  SBS will take you off of the TDPP for the term if this happens.

If you have any questions or concerns about the TDPP, please contact our office at