Late Fees


Late fees may be assessed when payment is received by UCSC after the Late/Due date specified on the statement of account, or when the balance due is not paid in full.

A late fee of $25.00 per month is assessed by Student Business Services on miscellaneous campus charges of $5.00 or more. If you feel that you have received a late fee in error, please fill out our late fee contest form found on the SBS website.

Additional campus late fees include:

Registration Late Fee: $50.00 per quarter

Housing Late Fee: Up to $75.00 per quarter

Deferred Payment Plan: $50.00 on the first missed payment and $15.00 a month thereafter

Please see the Billing Info page for more information about the current due date.

Information on registration due dates and late fees may be found in the Schedule of Classes and the Administrative and Academic Calendar. Failure to pay registration charges by the due date(s) may result in canceled enrollment or late fees.

 Please check your housing contract for information on housing late fees. You may contact the UCSC Housing Services office at (831) 459-2394 or email them at