One-on-One Financial Coaching

  • We offer one-on-one financial coaching to all UCSC students and alumni. Meet with our financial literacy coordinator to develop a budget, discuss financial questions you may have, or to get connected with resources to meet your needs. Appointments are 30 minutes long. When scheduling, you will be asked to choose a financial topic for the appointment. At that time, you may write-in a topic that is not listed or further clarify your reason for making the appointment.


  • Who You Will Be Meeting With: 

Victoria Lipscomb is the Financial Literacy Coordinator at UC Santa Cruz. Victoria received her 

Bachelor of Science in Financial Counseling and Planning from Purdue University. She is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and a Certified Educator in Personal Finance.


(Peer mentors will also be listed here in the future) 


  • How to Schedule an Appointment:

Current students can schedule an appointment for one-on-one coaching through Slug Success. To find SlugCents in the Slug Success portal, choose “Other Student Services” in the type of appointment. From there, you will be able to choose SlugCents and the financial topic you would like to discuss.

Graduate students, students on leave, and alumni may email to set up an appointment. 


  • What To Expect During Your Appointment: 

Our financial coaches are trained in financial counseling. Your coach will start your appointment by learning more about you, your background, and the reason you made an appointment. Coaches are able to meet with you about a myriad of topics, including budgeting, credit, retirement, and fraud. Coaches can also provide access to resources and referrals depending on your needs. Appointments are confidential.