General Billing Information

Each student has a financial statement of account with UC Santa Cruz. A statement of account is produced each month there is financial activity on an account and an unpaid balance over $5.

Activities include items such as registration and housing fees, health insurance and health center charges, library charges, special class fees (posted to the account the third week of the quarter), financial aid credits/adjustments, cash payments, or adjustments to charges.

Statement Availability

Statements are posted to UCSC eBill/ePay and MyUCSC at the end of each month within 1-2 days of the date listed on the Billing Schedule. Payment is due in full upon receipt of the statement.

Check your MyUCSC often for messages and new charges. University charges are considered delinquent after the due date at the top of each statement. Be sure to read your statement carefully for the current due date or visit our Billing Schedule for a listing of upcoming dates.

Statements are available on UCSC eBill/ePay or MyUCSC for students to print or download.

Anticipated Financial Aid

Anticipated Financial Aid is not calculated into the Balance Due on your invoice. Please use the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office's Payment Estimator to assist you in determining the amount to pay. Simply reference your Statement of Account and enter the required information in the worksheet to determine the amount you owe, or the amount that is to be refunded to you.

Financial Aid disbursed to an account generally takes priority over other payment methods and may displace them from accounts if paid in advance of the aid being posted for a specific term. Any aid in excess of the balance due for the term it is allocated will be refunded but does not guarantee your balance is paid in full.

Helpful Tips

  • Payments received after the due date may be subject to late fees. Unpaid, past due balances may also prevent enrollment.
  • Please contact originating departments (e.g. the library for library processing fees) regarding specific charges or adjustments on your account. 
  • Due to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) financial records are subject to privacy protections. As a result, our office does not accept requests from students or anyone else to release financial information to a parent or third party. All financial activity posted to the statement is considered confidential and can be discussed with the student only.
  • Students are encouraged to use MyUCSC to obtain information about current charges and activity regularly as charges can sometimes take up to six months to post to the student account. Students are still responsible for paying these new charges (even after graduation) by the due date to avoid late fees and/or holds. These charges can include but are not limited to, items such as graduation application fees, library and lab printing, housing, and health services charges.
  • You may print the payment coupon from UCSC eBill/ePay and include it with your check payment.