Returned Refunds

EFT (Direct Deposit) Refund Returns

Refunds are returned if there is a problem with the account number/routing number entered, or if the bank/financial institution does not allow EFT/Direct Deposit refunding to that account.    

Routing numbers are validated when you enter them against a list of all routing numbers from the Federal Reserve Board.  Not all routing numbers are for EFT/Direct Deposit refunding.  

Things to do to help ensure you enter valid information:
  • If possible, DO use a checking account, not a savings account as savings accounts are more prone to issues with EFT refunding.
  • DO make sure that your bank/financial institution allows EFT refunds to your account.
  • DO use the account number from  your Banking App, Bank Statement or a check.
  • If entering an account number for a credit union, DO make sure that you enter your entire account number, not just a member number.  (Credit Union Personnel may just give you your member number – be sure to be clear what you need and what you are using it for).
  • DO use a routing number from your Banking App, Bank Statement or a Check or contact your bank to determine the correct routing number to use.

Things to avoid in order to prevent problems/issues:

  • Do NOT use a debit card number as an account number to sign up for Direct Deposit
  • Do NOT enter any leading zeroes, spaces or dashes.
  • Do NOT do a copy and paste of your account number – invalid characters and spaces may end up being entered.  It is best to enter this manually.
  • Do NOT use  your credit union member number (only) as your account number.
  • Do NOT use the information from a deposit slip.