Third Party Billing

We accept Third Party Billing agreements for the payment of tuition and other fees on students' accounts. Third-party sponsors are public or private organizations that require the university to bill them directly.

Set-up Process:

To start your third-party billing agreement you must submit authorization documentation from the sponsor to the Student Business Services (SBS) office. Documents can be submitted via:


When an agreement is accepted by SBS we will post a credit to the student account and then bill the sponsor directly. Once processed, any remaining balance not covered by the sponsor is owed by the student by the due dates established on the SBS billing calendar.

Students should be aware that they are ultimately responsible for all charges on their student account if the sponsoring agency does not pay.

 Important Information:

  • A third-party credit on the student account does not mean that the University has received payment from the sponsoring agency.
  • SBS may reject a third-party billing agreement if the agency is consistently delinquent on its bill(s).
  • If your sponsor does not remit payment, the credit on your account may be reversed and charges will be considered past due. Accounts with past due balances may be subject to holds on enrollment and other University services.