FAQ - Account Holds

Q: I am trying to register for classes, but my student account has an enrollment hold on it. What do I do if I have an enrollment hold on my student account?

A: Enrollment holds may be placed for a variety of reasons. Two common reasons are a past due balance, or an incomplete to-do list item. Please check your MyUCSC regularly for any actions that you may need to take in order to have the hold removed.

If you require further assistance, please send an e-mail to sbs@ucsc.edu requesting the information regarding the hold, or call (831) 459-2107 for assistance.



Q: I received an e-mail from Student Business Services that says there is an address hold on my account. How do I get the hold released?

A: In order to have the hold released you must first update your address at MyUCSC under My Student Center >> Personal Information >> Mailing Address. Please update your address information this way anytime you change your address.

Once you have updated your address, you must contact our office by emailing sbs@ucsc.edu or calling (831) 459-2107 to have the hold released. 



Q: I am told I need to complete exit loan counseling in order to get a transcript hold removed from my account. How do I complete my exit counseling?

A: Your loan exit counseling can be completed online. To complete your exit counseling, please follow the links below depending on the type/s of loan you are attempting to complete counseling for:


Federal Direct/Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans

Perkins Loans, California Dream, and UCSC University Loans


For further assistance you can email tila_mpn@ucsc.edu or call (831) 459 - 2278



Q: My Account has a Housing hold preventing me from enrolling, what can I do to have it removed?

A: To have a housing hold removed from your account, you will need to contact the Housing Office at housing@ucsc.edu or 831-459-2394. The Housing Office can tell you what steps you need to take to resolve your account issue.



Q: I have an EAP hold on my account, what does this mean?

A: If you have an EAP hold on your account it means you have a past due balance with your International Exchange Program. This link provides some information that may be helpful: https://studyabroad.ucsc.edu/get-started/advising.html about EAP.

If you need more information please contact your advisor at EAP here:https://studyabroad.ucsc.edu/about/contact-and-hours/index.html