FAQ - Billing Issues

Q: I did not receive my bill in the mail until shortly before it was due.

A: Statements are available electronically on MyUCSC. A monthly Billing Schedule is available on our website



Q: I no longer attend UCSC but I received a bill for the upcoming quarter. How do I end my enrollment with the University?

A: Please visit the Undergraduate Advising website for information about leaving UCSC and to access the Withdrawal Petition



Q: My bill includes the USHIP or GSHIP health insurance charge, but I already have health insurance and do not need University supplied insurance. How do I waive this health insurance?

A: Students are responsible for waiving the USHIP or GSHIP by the Health Center's deadline. This must done using the Online process through the student portal and must be done once an academic year. http://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/billing-insurance/index.html



Q: I want my parents to see my bill and be able to pay it. How do I do that now that paper bills are not mailed?

A: On MyUCSC under 'My Account $' tile >> UCSC eBill / ePay you can enroll yourself and invite another payer/parent. See our website for more information.