FAQ - Billing Issues


Q: How can I authorize someone else to view/pay my bill?

A: On MyUCSC under 'My Account $' tile >> UCSC eBill / ePay you can enroll yourself and invite another payer/parent. See this link for more information.



 Q: I need help understanding how to read my bill. Where can I find more information?

A: Please see our Understanding Your Statement page for help reading your bill. 



Q: I received my bill and I have anticipated financial aid. How do I determine how much to pay?

A: Anticipated Financial Aid is not calculated into the Balance Due on your invoice.

If you have anticipated aid on your account/eBill, figure out the amount to pay as follows:

  • Total the amount of the anticipated aid
  • If this amount is greater than or equal to the Amount due, you probably do not have to make a payment
  • If this total amount of aid is less than the Amount due, subtract the Aid total from the Amount Due and pay the difference.

As an aditional tool, you may also use the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office's Payment Estimator to assist you in determining the amount to pay. Simply reference your Statement of Account and enter the required information in the worksheet to determine the amount you owe, or the amount that is to be refunded to you.

Please note:  Anticipated aid is not a guarantee of Financial aid that will disburse.  Any problems, issues, incomplete items may delay or reduce the disbursement of Financial Aid.  You are responsible for paying any items left unpaid in these situations. Please check your account frequently.



Q: I don't understand some of the charges on my bill. Where can I get more information?

A: Each department is responsible for the charges they post to the student account and when they post them and there may be a delay in posting these to a student account.

Students must contact the department that posted the charge directly to discuss the validity of the charge, and to get any charge reduced, waived or reversed.

For more helpful billing tips, please see our Understanding Your Bill page for more information. 



 Q: I recently graduated from UCSC but I still received a bill. Why?

A: Charges can sometimes take up to six months to post to the student account even after graduation. Students are encouraged to check their MyUCSC  post graduation to obtain any information about recent charges and activity.

Students are still responsible for paying these new charges (even after graduation) by the due date to avoid late fees and/or holds. These charges can include, but are not limited to, items such as graduation application fees, library and lab printing, housing, and health services charges.



Q: I have withdrawn/taken a leave of absence from UCSC. Why did I still receive a bill for the upcoming quarter. 

A: There are several possible reasons you may receive a bill after separating from the University. A few examples include:

-Your withdrawal/leave of absence paperwork has not been processed yet.

-There may be fees associated with the withdrawn/leave of absence process.

-You may have micellaneous fees on your account from your time at the university. These charges can include, but are not limited to, items such as library and lab printing, housing, and health services charges.


If you have questions about the withdrawal process, or need to withdraw from the university, please visit the Undergraduate Advising website for information about leaving UCSC and to access the Withdrawal Petition



Q: My bill includes the USHIP or GSHIP health insurance charge, but I already have health insurance and do not need University supplied insurance. How do I waive this health insurance?

A: Students are responsible for waiving the USHIP or GSHIP by the Health Center's deadline. This must done using the Online process through the student portal and must be done once an academic year. Please visit the Health Center's website for more information.