FAQ - General Questions

Q: I have some questions about my student account, but I am having trouble getting a hold of anyone in the Student Business Services office. What are your office's phone numbers and office hours?

A: Our phone number is 831-459-2107, and our phones are answered from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Our fax number is 831-459-3918. Our office is open from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.



Q: I can't find Accounts and Billing, where did it go?

A: As of July 10, 2017 the Accounts and Billing folder has been replaced by the 'My Account $' tile on the student homepage. All of the same links and information that were previously in the Accounts and Billing folder are now available in 'My Account $'.



Q: I overpaid my bill and am anticipating a refund. When can I expect to receive the refund?

A: If you have overpaid your account, you can expect a refund on the next refunding cycle after a 21 day waiting period from the day the payment was posted to the account, assuming no other chargers are posted to the account during that time. 

  • Direct Deposit refunds are processed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
  • If you are not signed up for direct deposit, a check will be mailed to you.
    • Check refunds are processed once a week on Friday, and generally mailed the following Tuesday.



Q: I am the parent of a UCSC student and am having trouble getting information about my student's account. Why won't anyone from Student Business Services give me any information?

A: Student Business Services strictly follows FERPA (Family Education Rights to Privacy Act) privacy guidelines. Financial activity posted to a student account is considered confidential and therefore shared with the student only. Student Business Services is able to provide general, non specific information to a third party (e.g. parent).



Q: I would like to set-up a monthly payment plan to pay my housing fees in installments. How do I go about setting up a housing payment plan?

A: Contact Campus Housing at housing@ucsc.edu or call 831-459-2394.



Q: I am concerned that my records are not being kept private. How do I ensure that no one can get any personal information about me from anyone at the University?

A: Using MyUCSC you can set a Non Release of Information (NRI) on your account. This service indicator will prohibit release of your information. Even if you call or e-mail Student Business Services, the NRI prohibits us from assisting you. You must come to our office with your picture ID in order to have your questions answered. We encourage you to use the NRI with caution.



Q: I just got my bill and I know how much financial aid I can anticipate. How do I determine if I should expect a refund or if I owe money to the University?

A: Please note that Anticipated Financial Aid is not calculated into the Balance Due on your billing statement.

The simplest way to determine what you may owe, is to add up your Anticipated Aid and subtract that amount from the total amount due on your account. If your aid does not cover all the expenses on your account, you will be responsible for paying any remaining balance before the due date. 

If the Anticipated Aid is greater than the amount due, you may be entitled to a refund.

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office also has a payment estimator to assist determining the correct amount to pay.


Q: I am having trouble paying my bills. I was wondering if there was any kind of payment plan that I can set-up?

A: Student Business Services offers the Tuition Deferred Payment Plan (TDPP) for monthly payment of each quarter's registration fees. TDPP Application form.



Q: I would like to wire my payment to the University. Where can I find the University's wiring instructions?

A:  UCSC is only able to process International Wire Transfers. For this information, please e-mail sbs@ucsc.edu. We will send you the instructions shortly. Unfortunately UCSC cannot accept Domestic Wire Transfers as a form of payment at this time (this means payments made from a bank inside the U.S.).



Q: I am expecting a refund and I would like to get my money as quickly as possible. What is the fastest way to get my refund and how do I sign up?

A: Sign up for Direct Deposit